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Thank you for visiting my web page, as you can see our site is dedicated to the strange, unknown and of course the paranormal!! This is a place for all those who are fascinated with the paranormal, would like to read my books and follow my adventures and share your own! This is a place to come, look, hang out, share a story or two but most importantly have fun! Feel free to check out my pictures! Look for my up coming Novels! Find out what is going on with me, read my blogs and if you would like check out my store! You will never know what you will find going on in here!! Please stop by and sign my visitor book and if you have a extra minute leave me a comment! I would love to know who is visiting here, what you like, what your interested in and what you would like to see! Although I can not please everyone I want this site to be the best that it can be and I want you to want to come back!! Oh and btw... I will be adding new pics and eventually adding video clips!! So have a blast, check out all I have to offer and maybe next time you come back bring a friend!! Oh and yes, this is a work in progress site! Do I have all of the bugs worked out? No! Am I trying to get all of the bugs worked out? Yes... If you see something that stands out to you that really needs to be fixed let me know! And thanks! I with the help of my wonderful awesome husband built this site! We had no idea what we were doing and as you can see are still learning!! 
My first novel "Nightmares" goes to print in mid-August with American Book Publishing Company!

I am currently working on 2 novels that I am planning on self publishing!
  The Devils Playground 
  Something Evil This Way Comes
I am hoping to have "The Devils Playground" out by the end of June first part of July!! If sooner I will let you know!!

I am hoping to have "Something Evil This Way Comes out the end of September first part of October!! Again if it will 
be sooner I will let you know!

I want to thank my Sister Connie Teague for the illustration that she designed for my Novel "Nightmares". You will see her illustration at the bottom of the pages on my website. She is very talented and for those of you who are wondering yes she is interested in doing illustrations for others. If you would like to speak with her about doing an illustration for you please contact me and let me know that you are wanting to discuss an illustration with her and she will contact you! 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband Scott Myers for all of his hard work on my website, without him none of this would have been done and that is the absolute truth! You are wonderful and awesome and I can't express how much I appreciate all the time and hard work you have put into this website for me!

I hope that you find this page helpful! I will update any new projects, book signings that I will be attending including dates and times as well as any specials that are going on in my store! This website is for those who love the paranormal and would like to follow me on all of my adventures, read my books and share your thoughts and experiences! Although I do not have any books on my store yet, I DO have other things that you may find interesting and would love it if you would stop by and check out my inventory! There will always be some sort of special going and if you have any questions on any item that you see please feel free to contact me! Again thanks for coming, come back soon, have fun while you are here and above all,

  Happy Hauntings!! 
  Julie Myers
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